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imageIt shouldn’t be a surprise that being more confident at work can mean more promotions.  Here are some Poker Tips to help with your confidence and Master your Table Image.

Dress Better:  If you’ve never taken time to assess and improve your wardrobe, you may not realize the dramatic effect it can have on your confidence level.  If you feel confident in the way you look, it will reflect in your game and mirror your play.  Dressing better doesn’t necessarily mean playing in a tuxedo, but playing in something that you are proud to wear.  Also, wearing something comfortable for the hours at the table will help.  Perfect example of players that benefitted from dressing better were Neil Blumenfield and Max Steinberg while at 2015’s WSOP Main Event Final Table.

Work out: Working out takes a huge impact on your confidence and your mental aspect.  Lifting weights will create a physical change that is evidence for success and builds confidence.  If you feel like you look good, it will naturally transition into playing your best game.   When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that make you feel good.  Afterwards you get the satisfaction of a great workout and that carries over to the Poker table.

Enter competitions you can do well in: Play lower stakes.  I know what you’re thinking, “How will beating people in a smaller game, who aren’t as good as me, make me feel better?”.  For starters, you’re already thinking like a winner by asking that question.  Winning creates a snowball effect and builds confidence to get you back to the big game or stakes you are used to playing.  Every player goes on downswings and it is easy to get away from enjoying the game.  Taking it back to the basics and remembering where you came from will help appreciate what you have overcome to get to where you are today.  Afterwards, you will notice how much you have improved as a player and appreciate the grind it takes to get where you are now.

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Physical exercise turns out to be a remarkably important element. imagePhysical exercise boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of the brains metabolism.  Put in at least one or two hours a week doing exercises: cardiovascular, strength and flexibility.

Foods can stimulate certain areas of the brain.  Be conscious of what you put into your body.  If you eat buffet before playing, chances are you are going get tired after an hour or so on the table.  Poker players tend to sit idle for hours at a time and is very important to get up every hour to stretch, walk, or take bathroom break.  The high demand for critical decision making, thinking, memory, and importance of physical stamina is critical.  It’s a shame to see how many Poker players have let themselves go.

plan-prepare-performClear your mind.  Too many players are making the mistake of sitting at down at the table with issues, fear, or under the influence.  You can do many things away from the table to clear your mind before putting your money at risk.  If you are having issues away from the table (bills, relationships, etc) then poker is not a place for you to risk money in your current state of mind.  For example, if you owe someone money and you are worried about paying them back, depending on your current poker session, you could tend to play much different than you would normally play.  You are more prone to getting bet off stronger hands, easier to read, and you simply cannot dedicate your full commitment to the hand in front of you.  Clear your mind before sitting down at the table and Manage your Table Image.

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