How to be Tilt-Free


What Is Tilt?

When you feel like playing any two cards.  Mental or emotional rage or frustration that a player displays, causing them to use a less than optimal strategy that usually results in the player becoming over-aggressive.

bovada-mobile-poker-250Am I the only player on Tilt?

No.  Even the best of the best go on tilt. Everyday in any Poker room someone will leave the Poker room tilted. Tilt is usually caused by someone playing badly, or getting sucked out(someone hitting an unlikely card to beat  your hand) resulting in rage, which could lead to a losing streak. Going on tilt shouldn’t happen often, but in order to overcome, the first step lies within the player.

How to overcome being on Tilt

  • Take A Break – Poker players sit at the table for hours at a time so it’s important to move around. Eating light helps to stay focused and alert instead of eating a heavy meal which will cause the player to get tired.
  • imageWarm-up Matches/Have Fun – Sometimes it takes moving down in stakes to get your swag back.  Players lose enjoyment of the game when they hit a major downswing.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you are playing bad, players are taught to prepare for the downswings. Poker isn’t always a fun game, especially losing hundreds/thousands of dollars.  Every player gets that rush and a feeling of excitement when they double-up their stack.  That’s what it’s all about.  If playing lower stakes and winning some pots to build your confidence, do whatever it takes to have fun.
  • Get Up from the Table – Staying active at the table is the hardest thing for a poker player to do.  Taking a 15-minute break every couple of hours is highly recommended.  Moving around, stretching, and getting the blood flowing will clear your mind from deep thought and crunching probability calculations.
  • 10609723_511960582281094_4465736237307803683_nPlay another game – Go enjoy another hobby.  The game of Poker isn’t going anywhere and doing something active will get your mind off the current downswing.  Realizing your current state of mind and knowing there will be a table waiting when you get back should give you the confidence to get up from the table.

Example Video of Tilt


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