Horseshoe Southern Indiana Review


11999 Casino Center Drive SEElizabeth, IN 47117    855-249-6463     

Location: Horseshoe Southern Indiana is located in southern Indiana, close to the Kentucky border.  Signing up for the Total Rewards Card is free to enroll in, and allows guests to earn credits for hotel, gaming and dining. Rates are very affordable, and the rooms are super clean.

Poker Room                                                                   

Horseshoe Southern Indiana (previously Caesars) is know for it’s action.  There are several players waiting for stakes up to $5-$10 with waiting lists.  The known downfall that tends to give this Poker room a bad wrap is the casino catering to locals.  Auto shufflers, jackpots, cell reception, and phone chargers are other bonuses in this Poker room.


Day Time Buy-In Starting Chips Add-On Add-On Chips Levels
Monday Noon $51 $6,000 $10 $3,000 15 Min
Monday 7pm $81 $8,000 $10 $4,000 20 Min
Tuesday Noon $50 $6,000 $10 $3,000 15 Min
Wednesday Noon $61 $6,000 $10 $3,000 15 Min
Wednesday 7pm $80 $8,000 $10 $4,000 20 Min
Thursday Noon $50 $6,000 $10 $3,000 15 Min
Friday Midnight $60 $6,000 $10 $3,000 15 Min
Saturday Noon $80 $8,000 20 Min
Sunday 3pm $81 $8,000 20 Min

Comfort: Comfortable seats to play in at all Poker tables with many tv’s surrounding the Poker room. 

Staff:  Cocktail waitress and masseuse available at all times.  *Cocktail waitress can take food orders while playing at the table.

WSOP Schedule 

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Things to do

  • Louisville Slugger Museum –  Often times this attraction has a long line out the front door of the museum.  This is a great family attraction.  Tour guides are very informative and able to answer every question anyone asks. Price is only $14 per adult, babies ware free, and you receive a free mini bat at the end of the tour.  Call Now: (877) 775-8443 
  • Churchill Downs –  Home of the Kentucky Derby.  The cost of the tour is a modest $15.00 and very much worth the price. Guides are horse racing aficionado have a great wealth of knowledge for the track. During the horse races you can use elevator access or use the stairs.  Watching the race on inside TV isn’t as exciting as out on the bleachers.  Great activity for family to enjoy the history of horse racing.  Call Now: (502) 636-4400
  • Evan Williams Bourbon Experience – This tour gives a wonderful overview of what it takes to make bourbon. The multimedia presentation gives an interesting history of Louisville and the beginning of the history of bourbon.  They also provide a tasting experience, which makes this is a highly recommended tour.  Call Now: (502) 272-2611

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