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The beautiful thing about math is that it always stays the same.  Always choose math over intuition when on the Poker table.  Math is the only truth in Poker.  Knowing percentages on outcomes based off calculations is the key to long term success.  Using this starting hand percentage chart can help build your foundation. In the past you may be prone to only remembering instances where the outcome was unfortunate.  For example, someone bluffs you on the river and you fold the winning hand because you thought you picked up a read on your villain.  This can lead you into going on tilt during the remainder of your session, and could lead to losing your entire chip stack.  Instead of getting frustrated, keep the same formula of choosing math over intuition.  If you realize you are tilting, find out how to be tilt-free.

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When do I get up from the table?

Set a goal. Whether it is long-term or short-term, you can use this as your stopping point when achieving your goal.  Deciding whether or not to get up from the Poker table also depends on your mindset.  Poker should be taken seriously, even if the money doesn’t mean anything.  Naturally you should have the will to win, assuming you are even slightly competitive.  A good example for setting and achieving a goal would be a player deciding to get up after tripling his/her initial starting stack.  You can always cash out and find another table to start with a fresh starting stack.

Remember why you even sat down at the table in the first place.  Are you playing Poker for social entertainment, to turn a quick profit, or grinding regularly as a professional?  Everyone is different and the answer will not be the same for everyone.  Assuming you are playing for money, players should respect the game and focus during preparation before taking the first open seat.  Remembering your goal and realizing when you are not capable of playing your best Poker should make the decision easier in getting up or taking a seat at the table.

Using Math in Poker

I’m not saying using intuition to read your villain isn’t important.  To be a consistent successful live player I feel that both are required.  However, the safest bet is to trust the numbers, numbers don’t lie.  They are the only variable in Poker that remain unchanged.  Calculating odds and knowing percentages of hitting your trump card, while calculating pot implied odds is the cocktail for success.  There are several ways to find the Best Poker Calculators to download; interested in knowing your odds of hitting a (straight, flush, trips, etc)?

Below are links used for pot/hand odds calculations:

Pot Odds — After Flop

Four to a flush 34.97% 1.86
Four to an outside straight 31.45% 2.18
Four to an inside straight 16.47% 5.07

Pot Odds — After Turn

Four to a flush 19.57% 4.11
Four to an outside straight 17.39% 4.75
Four to an inside straight 8.70% 10.50 Best Hotels. Best Shows. Best Pri


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