The Downswings In Poker


In the Poker community everyone has upswings & downswings.  One minute you can be on top of the world, the next trying to get a stake.  If a fellow rounder is on a downswing and needs a loan, Poker funds sent, or needs a stake; as a fellow Rounder who’s been in the same situation, will look out for that person and help them get back on the tables.  Wouldn’t you want someone to help you? Being confident enough in your game to know you can turn it all around, even if you are on a downswing.  There is so much money being exchanged in the Poker community, it always seems to go around then, come right back around. That’s what keeps us in the action of the game.

Yes I Can! (Sherman Klump voice) Bounce Back from a Downswing

Can I come back from a downswing that breaks my bankroll?  Ship-It, of course, you will get back on the tables and overcome your run of bad luck.  Bad beats are the worst to endure but they remind you that percentages are real.  Getting it in with the best hand is what every Poker player hopes for when flipping.  Continue to play your game and you will surely turn profit in the near future.  If your having trouble finding out your Poker Player Type check out the article and also check out Poker Tips to overcome any mental downswings. Downswings suck and we all go through them.

Downswings could lead to …

What if a player decides they are in over their heads and start to panic.  They end up doing something irrational without thinking of consequences. Begging or even stealing to either get that money back to pay the obligation or quench that thirst of getting back on the table. Either way, it’s grimy and goes unforgotten.  The easy way out would be running from the problem and blocking that person off that you betrayed.  Good luck with that because the bottom line is that your still going to be in the Poker community and let’s face it, your not getting out of it anytime soon. If theres one thing that Poker players are it would be loyal. We come back to the action everyday. If we can’t make it, we are thinking about stacking stacks on stacks.  Click photo to check out the card protector

imageCareful with confusing loyalty to being addicted to the game. There are several people that struggle daily with addiction and isn’t anywhere near a comparison.  If your wondering “How do I know if I have a Gambling Problem?”

Listed below are 3 things that indicate you have a gambling problem.

  • When your wife gets involved
  • You gamble money for bills
  • Betting more than you can afford to lose

What happens to the Player after doing this injustice?

Depending on what era of Poker you’re in, you may remember a time when players were allowed to bring pistols to a Poker game and would shoot a man if he/she’s caught cheating or stealing. Most of the time players will lend a buy-in if their friend is out of cash temporarily or cannot withdrawal large quantities of cash in a 24-hr period.  The 2017 scandal between Jason Mercier and Brandon Cantu a perfect example.  The story is Jason lent Brandon $10k for a tournament buy-in with an agreement that if the funds weren’t paid back in an agreed period of time then an extra $5k would be added.  They have been going at it on Twitter about Cantu’s failure to pay and hopefully he ends up doing the right thing. Times have changed now and most Poker scams are performed online in Poker forums. Usually asking another player for Poker funds in exchange for PayPal/Venmo funds, a player getting someone to stake them, they win, without giving back the stakes.  This is a true example of taking the money and running.  Speaking of running …

What if they pay you back?

In most cases the player ends up winning the money back, and squaring things away with those involved.  However, waiting to get paid back piece-by-piece can get aggravating if you are the one being put in this position.  During the time you felt you were cheated, by the time your paid back, at the end of the day, can you really forgive this person?  Absolutely, forgive but do not forget.  The fact the thought processed in this persons mind deems them untrustworthy.  However, it does show a hell of a lot about somebody realizing they fucked up and righting their wrong.  Respect has to be given in some way, shape, or form.  It isn’t easy for anybody in the Poker community to swallow their pride and apologize; paying someone back is a form of apology.  Whether you decide to accept it or not is on you but I have a feeling you will accept the money.

unknownGetting cheated sucks and it’s an example of how bad beats happen in our everyday lives off the tables.  How to Be Tilt-Free is the way to be.

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