3 Reasons to Play Poker


1. Make Money

The ability to make money playing online or live Poker is the most appealing of the three.  Who wouldn’t want the ability to wake up and potentially make thousands of dollars in their underwear from the comfort of their own home?  Poker is one of the only games in the casino where you are not playing against the house.  In Poker, you’re playing against other players money instead of trying to beat the house by playing table games such as: blackjack, roulette, and craps.  In Poker, the house takes a small “rake” from each pot instead of having a 52%-55% advantage stacked against you while playing table games or even worse, slots.  Playing Poker gives players the opportunity to risk very little in exchange for very large rewards.  This is great for an amateur player looking to get several tournament opportunities with a smaller starting bankroll.

There are several Online Tournaments that offer $10-$20 buy-ins that payout well into the thousands for players finishing Top 5%.  So if you are on the fence about Poker and are considering giving it a shot remember you have a better chance taking other players money rather than thinking you are going to beat the house over a long period of time.  The best part about these tournaments is that you don’t have to win first place to make a significant amount of money.  These tournaments usually payout top 15-20% of the field and players will at least be guaranteed their initial buy-in back.  The truth is anyone can win.  Evidence supporting would be Chris Moneymaker winning the WSOP Main Event and becoming a millionaire in his first WSOP tournaments he’d ever played in.  That spark gave hope to aspiring Poker players showing that anyone can hit big playing Poker with a little luck.  There are always amateurs that become millionaires every year just by learning the game of Poker.

2. Make Friends

Who doesn’t want friends?  Poker players usually make long-term friends because once a Poker player, always a Poker player.  I’m sure we all have at least one friend that’s always willing to take that road trip to the local casino or home game.  Being able to discuss Poker with someone else that understands the game is refreshing because there is always another opinion out there to critique the way you played a hand.  We as players seek others opinions, or want to see the reaction on another players face when telling them your bad beat story as they empathize with the pain experienced from the hand.  They tend to be entertaining stories and often comical when they hear the disgust in your voice while reminiscing the hand.


Another way to gain friends is through Poker forums & Poker groups, which have been popular as of recent due to players seeking knowledge and advice from other players.  This is also a good place for exposure to get your name out there, especially if you are on a hot streak.  Poker players get more popular by their earnings, whether online or live.  Meeting others and being apart of social groups can benefit a player looking to make friends for marketing purposes also.  Sitting at the Poker table is the best way to meet new people and you’ll never know what kind of person you are playing against until you strike up a conversation.  Poker players will always have a story to tell, whether its a bad beat story or a funny phrase that becomes catchy in your everyday lingo.  Sharing stories from the Poker tables can only be shared with other Poker players because the average person wouldn’t understand the lingo.  Enjoy those conversations and opportunities that Poker presents by giving the opportunity to engage in something bigger than Poker, friendship.

3. Travel

Not only do you get to play a game while potentially making money, but you get to experience the world and travel.  Casinos are usually located in larger cities with exciting things to do in places that are highly recommended.  For instance, if you Google the top 3 places visited each year you will end up with Las Vegas, New York, and Washington DC, they all have casinos.  Check out our Casino Reviews before traveling to your next destination.  Even if you do not play Poker for a living, you can still have fun and travel while playing Poker.  Most cities that have casinos are filled with action-packed activities, breathtaking views, and can be family oriented for when you want to bring family.  Traveling to different casinos can become a vacation instead of a job and often make the vacation free by just one winning session on the Poker table.  Free vacations are the best, and learning Poker can make a these free vacations possible.


Playing Poker is great but being able to enjoy other things that come along with Poker can be appealing when inticing friends and family that may not be “as serious” about Poker as you are.  Sometimes getting friends or family to go to the casino with you takes some convincing by highlighting some activities that everyone can enjoy.  As previously mentioned the casinos are always located in larger cities where there are several attractions and things to do, so do the research in the surrounding areas to make the trip enjoyable for everyone involved.  Some people spend thousands of dollars each year traveling and don’t even give themselves an opportunity to pay for their trip with one session on the Poker tables.  Anybody can sit down at the table and go on a hot streak regardless of how good of an opponent they are playing against.  If you enjoy traveling then Learn Poker and give yourself an opportunity to expand your travel.


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