One Night, One Poker Celebrity (Choose One)

Maria Ho
– known for being one of the biggest flirts in the Poker world and posts partying it up with the biggest names in Poker on social media.  Not only could you chat Poker with her but you could find out if she lives up to her name.  Just kidding, but seriously, who wouldn’t want to hang out with this bombshell for a night?

IMG_0452Dan Bilzerian– millionaire Poker player who is one of the biggest icons on social media.  He is seen with beautiful women, guns, big trucks, and living what some think is a fantasy lifestyle.  T-Pain recently created a song “Dan Bilzerian” and described what it was like to spend a night out with him.  Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this guy for a night?

IMG_0454Vanessa Rousso– known for her success in Poker and casting member on Big Brother (hit reality tv show).  She is arguably one of the hottest woman ever to sit at a Poker table and has the bad girl look to her.  She is a bit more conservative when it comes to sharing her life on social media but who wouldn’t want to hang out with this blonde bombshell for a night?


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