Profit Guide: Micro Stakes Online Poker Tournaments


The best thing about playing micro stakes online Poker tournaments is that everybody can afford them and can play several of them. There are usually hundreds to thousands of players that join these smaller buy-in tournaments in hopes to turn a decent profit margin. The skill level ranges from beginner to expert due to the guarantees having such great value. There are a few things you may want to remember in efforts to make a consistent profit over a long period of time playing the micro stakes.

1.Expect to Have Ups & Downs

In Poker, not everything is going to go your way and you will have to win a few flips to survive. Just like being off the Poker table and something doesn’t go our way we have to dig deep to accomplish the ultimate goal, profit. Unlike off the felt, we have the luxury to rebuy when things don’t go our way on the table, dig in and correct a misplayed hand or accept the fact that you lost as a high percentage favorite.

It is important to Stay Tilt-Free after taking a bad beat or running card dead for several hours at a time. These smaller buy-in tournaments allow for a variance against hundreds or thousands of participants.  You will play several hundred hands throughout the tournament and winning every single hand is simply impossible to do.  Remember the ultimate goal of cashing the tournament or profiting during your session.

2. Prepare for a Long Session

Playing online for hours at a time can be draining for anybody.  You are constantly staring at a computer screen clicking buttons, while crunching percentages in attempt to make the best decision (especially while multi-tabling).  Playing multiple tables gives you a higher percentage in making a deep run during a tournament that last several of hours.  Keeping the mindset of completing every tournament will help you prepare mentally and physically for each tournament that you register for.  The worst thing you can do is register for a tournament without being able to put all focus or time into completing the tournament.

5 Tips Before Starting a Long Online Session

  • Clear Cache & Restart Computer
  • Have a Water Bottle available
  • Have Poker Tools
  • Music / Headphones
  • Have a Clear Schedule

Be your best when committing to register in a tournament and focus on achieving whatever personal goal you’ve set for yourself.

3. Laydown Monsters


There will be times when you have to lay down big hands, even when you don’t want to.  It’s tough to let big hands go because there is usually a decent size of your chip stack involved.  Everyone hates losing or forfeiting the money they have put in the pot, and sometimes we question whether it was the right fold or not.  The truth is without the opponent showing their hand, we will never know.  The best is when a player turns over their hand and shows you that you made the right fold.  That gives you reassurance that we cannot win every hand we play, even when we have a lot of chips in the middle.

How do I know when to Fold a Monster Hand?

There will be times you have a read on an opponent and it can be completely wrong.  If you have a read on your opponents Poker Player Style then play the hand based on your perception of that opponent.  For example, if a player is Loose Agressive and has exposed multiple marginal hands at showdown, you know they are capable of having a 2 on a (2 – K – 2) flop.  Use percentages and probabilities to determine if your opponent actually has a range of hands that beat your monster hand before making the decision to lay down the hand.

4. Adapt to Your Tables Style


The majority of the players in these micro stakes tournaments may not have the same expertise or general view of Poker as you.  So when determining playing against hundreds of amateurs to adapt your play accordingly.  There isn’t as great of a need to play one particular Poker Player Style in these tournaments due to amateurs not understanding the concept of multi-level thinking when making decisions.  Don’t overthink their actions or bets and play your hand to get paid.  Continue value betting as you normally would and you should find yourself getting paid by the stubborn amateur.

It is important not to get stuck playing one consistent style of play while playing in these smaller tournaments because players will be able to track your behaviors with HUD’s that monitor your percentages of hands played and tendencies post and pre flop.  Continue value betting and you will often find yourself getting full value out of certain scenarios where you make it hard for the villain to fold due to pot odds and bet sizing.  If you play your hand as it comes you should be able to extract max value from these opponents in the micro tournaments looking for a flush draw to get all of their chips in on.  Continue playing premium hands and your strong holdings will get paid off nearly every time.

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