Spotted: Russell Westbrook Frequent Poker Player

NBASuperstar Russell Westbrook is known as a frequent Poker player at the Riverwind Casino in Oklahoma.  Poker is gaining popularity throughout the professional athlete world and more superstar athletes are seen on the Poker tables, meaning more money for the sharks to feed on. (Photo credit @dark_slate_nismo)

What Stakes Does Russell Westbrook Play?

In the image Russell Westbrook was playing $2/$5 NLH ($200-$500 buy-in).  Described as a gentleman on the table that played a somewhat of reserved game.  Russell keeps a calm demeanor at the table and keeps to himself for the most part.  The times he’s been spotted recently haven’t been huge cashes during his recent sessions, but holds his own at the $2/$5 NL Texas Hold Em tables.  Russell Westbrook also has been spotted frequently at the Pot Limit Omaha tables.

From Stacking Stats to Stacking Chips

IMG_1031During his sessions he seems to be completely relaxed as if he’s escaping the world of superstardom.  Poker allows him an escape from his day to day training while giving him phycological freedom away from the court.  On the court Russell Westbrook is arguably MVP candidate and recently set a record for most triple-doubles in a single season.  It’s hard to think this humble superstar frequently plays $2/$5 stakes and engages in conversation with others that surround him at the table.  Russell Westbrook is a class act athlete and Poker player.

What is Russell Westbrooks Poker Style?

Tight-Passive is Russell Westbrooks Poker Player Style. (Find out your Poker Player Style here).  During the encounter, Russell didn’t raise any pre flop and if involved in a hand it was just calling a bet.  Almost as if he is still getting a feel for the game and learning the game still.  He doesn’t play too many hands and wasn’t nearly as aggressive as you’d think a multi-millionaire would be slinging around a few hundred dollars.  Russell has the same style in PLO and keeps the same calm and collected demeanor on the PLO tables as well.  The more Russell plays, I’m thinking he will develop and evolve his Poker Player Style.

Check out this VIDEO of Russell Westbrook playing Poker


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