Behind the Scenes: Kevin Hart’s Sudden Interest in Poker



Kevin Hart Buys In the $100k PSA

Kevin Hart recently bought into the $100k Poker Stars High Roller Main Event.  His most memorable moment was when he faced Ivan Luca in a heads up hand.

The action begins with Luca raising to 6,000 from mid position as the action folds around to Hart on the Button whom Called.  Flop comes Jc As 6d and Luca Checked.  Hart eyed his opponent as he bet 17,000 while Luca took a bite of fruit from his plastic tub.

“Uh oh, he’s strong … he’s eating fruit.” Hart says.  Turn comes 2d as both players Check.  River comes 10d and Luca Checks to Hart while continuing eating his fruit.  Hart bets 17,000 again …

IMG_1171Loca stabs a piece of watermelon while looking at Kevin Hart.

“Hey! This is the most racist thing I’ve ever seen!” Hart said.
Hart does the unthinkable … “Floor!” he yells.

The tournaments director approaches Hart to hear his case.  Hart explains that his opponent was facing a bet while stabbing a piece of watermelon while looking him in the eye.  The table erupts in laughter as the comedian is always a character.

Luca check-raised to 75,400 and Hart Folds as he says “I think it’s a move, but I’m going to go ahead and Fold.” Hart mucked his cards and chuckles as he says “He should get a penalty”.

Hart busted the tournament shortly after.

High Stakes Cash Game Background

Playing against amateurs for that large of a buy-in can be kind of tricky, especially with a player like Hart.  Most people don’t know that Hart plays a lot of Poker and has played at some of the highest stakes possible when visiting Las Vegas.

IMG_1005Is Jean-Robert Bellande Responsible for Hart’s Interest in Poker?

Again, Hart is used to playing high stakes cash games in the Ivey Room with Jean-Robert Bellande when he’s in Las Vegas.  They were spotted together on the set on “Jumanji” just weeks before Hart decided he would play in the $100k PSA.  There could certainly be a connection and Bellande could play a behind the scenes roll for Harts interest in Poker.

A few dealers that have dealt to him at $300/$600 have witnessed him doing a blind PLO flip for $10k each.  Kevin Hart definitely has heart when it comes to gambling, and isn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth is.

Kevin Hart’s Poker Player Style

Loose-Passive is Kevin Harts Poker Player Style (Find out Your Poker Player Style HERE).  Kevin Hart has been seen playing all No Limit Holdem stakes.  He has been spotted playing $2/$5 all the way up to $300/$600.  Hart has been referred to as a generous tipper.  He’s been seen giving $100 tips for cocktails or food orders while playing Poker.  Hart was made fun of by Dan Bilzerian on Instagram for Checking back Quads in a home game.  Kevin Hart has been described as an absolute blast to play Poker with because he will keep you smiling the entire time.

Kevin Hart’s Poker Vlog HERE


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