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IMG_1567BestBet (Orange Park

455 Park Ave, Orange Park, FL 32073           (904) 646-0001    

Location: BestBet (Orange Park) is located in  Florida about 15 miles from Jacksonville, FL.  This Poker room is also home to Orange Park Dog Kennel Club.  Not only can you play Poker, but you can bet on the dog races while doing so.  Orange Park is one of two BestBet locations in the Jacksonville area with recent talks of adding another Poker room in the upcoming months.

Poker Room

IMG_1566The poker room at Orange Park isn’t the ideal spot if your looking for action.  They normally have a consistent amount of $2/$2, $2/$4 limit, and a couple $2/$5 tables running.  The dealers deal around 18-22 hands per hour and seem to have a sense of humor.  The older dealers are much slower and hard of hearing at times.  Orange Park is known for being home of retiree-based players while the average age at the tables are higher than most Poker rooms.  With there being such a large number of retirees players tend to buy-in the minimum much more frequent at $40.  Typically, at least 3 of the 9 players that start the tables will buy-in the minimum.  For an experienced player that understands the concept of Poker, this should be a feeding ground for those players to bulldozer over the small stacks looking to get lucky.

    • $2/$2 No Limit Holdem – Buy-in: $40 to $200
    • $2/$5 No Limit Holdem – Buy-in: $100 to $500


Comfort: Thick comfortable seats to play in at all Poker tables with minimum tv’s surrounding the Poker room.  Phone chargers and usb ports aren’t underneath the Poker tables. (phone charging ports available in the lobby)

Staff:  Cocktail waitress available at all times.  Cocktail waitress’ can take food orders while your playing at the table.

View live tables now by clicking a link below.

Things to do

  • Orange Park Dog Kennel – This is a wonderful place for bringing friends and family to enjoy time together while gambling.  they have a big dog track to watch the greyhounds race while enjoying a nice steak dinner in their restaurant that looks out upon the track.  Big glass windows oversee the track and you can feel the excitement when the bell rings and the dogs take off.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars game–  While in Jacksonville go check out the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars @ EverBank Field.  Tickets are normally dirt cheap ($10-$20/ticket).  To go see a professional sporting event for that price provides great value for you and others that join.

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