Phil Hellmuth Finds the Ice Box: $300k SHR Event 2017

Phil Hellmuth Finds Cooler after Cooler

Hellmuth is well known for his rants after taking a tough loss against an opponent he usually has dominated at the time the chips go in the middle.  Well that’s kind of the same story, again and again.  Hellmuth finds himself looking down at 10-10 on the Button facing a 3-bet to a loose cannon opponent, Justin Bonomo (as described).  Bonomo has 8-6 of hearts, which isn’t the typical hand you would expect to be raising the best player in the world with (out of position).  The Flop comes 7-10-9 giving Bonomo the straight while leaving Phil Hellmuth with top set with full house opportunities.  (side note: Hart folded 7-7 pre flop .. Wow that would have been fireworks) Bonomo led the flop for 15k as Helmuth raised to 40k, Bonomo called.  The Turn came another heart as both players get the rest of their chips in the middle with one card to come to complete Hellmuth’s full house.  As predicted Hellmuth blanked the River card and Bonomo scoops the pot and crippling Hellmuth.  IMG_1665

After break, Hellmuth tells commentator Maria Ho that he would turn his stack around and continue to play his game.  He did just that and grinder his 60k stack to almost 100k before getting tangled up with the actor/comedian Kevin Hart.  Hellmuth begins the hand with 3-3 while Kevin Hart holds Q-Q.  The flop comes out as predicted to make entertainment Q-3-8, giving both players a set.  Phil just can’t catch a break in this tournament.  Turn card was an offset 10, which completes a J-9 straight .. Hellmuth leads out as Hart calls and the third player involved in the hand Kaverman raises the action.  Hellmuth gets the remainder of his stack in along with Kevin Hart right behind him.  Phil gets the bad news as Kevin Hart flips over his higher set going to the River with one remaining card in the deck that would award him the pot.  Phil misses the remaining 3 in the deck and shakes Hart’s hand while exiting without the Hellmuth blowup we all expected.


Would You Be Able to Get Away From this Hand?

No.  It is highly unlikely to lose with a set against another flopped set to your opponent.  At the end of the day Hellmuth played his usual solid game and ran into a few spots that were inevitable coolers.  He still has the most bracelets amongst any player in existence and will continue to rub that in everyones face if/when that ever happens to change. Check out Phil Hellmuth’s bracelets HERE.

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