3 Poker Rooms in 24-hrs


Location: East Coast FL 

What a 24-hr ride. I started my journey by heading down to Palm Beach from Jacksonville, FL to train a new team of Life Insurance agents. After meeting with them, of course I wanted to find the nearest Poker Room in the area. I’d heard great things about the action @ Palm Beach and the atmosphere so I wanted to check it out. Little did I know that would be the first of three Poker Rooms I’d play in the next 24-hrs.

Palm Beach Kennel Club   

After meeting with my team I decided I would just eat dinner at the Poker Room and eager to play. I sat down with $300 and doubled my stack within the first 20 minutes, gotta love it when you start off the session winning Full House over Nut Flush. I ended up playing until early morning and ended the night +$800-ish before heading to my hotel for the long drive back to Jacksonville, FL. I knew I would need to rest before the 5 and a half hour drive Home and was eager to get some rest after a long day of driving down to West Palm Beach.

Daytona Beach Kennel Club

37586962_10100682127677996_1608699860645576704_nI wake up and check out of the hotel around 11am and start driving home to Jacksonville, FL. I see Daytona Beach Kennel Club along the highway as I passed the exit. Daytona was another room I’d heard great things about, so I decided to turn around at the next exit and try and run it up again. I sat down with $300 (as usual) and BOOM, double up my first hand with 4-4. (I flopped a set against A-A) Gotta love flopping a set against an over pair, and GETTING PAID. I ended up playing another couple hours and left up another +$800-ish or so and decided to head Home to Jacksonville, FL.

Orange Park BestBet

IMG_5249After the long drive Home I finally get back and felt unstoppable on the felt, just like most of us get when we go on a heater. It was dinner time and I decided to bet a couple dog races while I enjoyed a steak dinner before hopping on the Poker table again. After dinner, I sat down with my usual $300 and this session started a bit differently. I lost my first all-in with an open-ended straight flush draw (Jd-9d) on a Qd-10d-3s board and bricked both streets to K-K. I rebuy and grind my way back to even. At this point I’m dead tired from the 11 hours of driving and simply the Poker grind. I look down at K-K which becomes the Hand of the Day. (scroll down for details) I ended up cashing out with roughly $1,500 for a +$900 session.


Hand of the Day

I look down at K-K in the Big Blind starting the Hand around $750. The Hand starts off with a Straddle and 3 Callers to the Button. The Button makes it a cold $100 and I raise to $225. The player that straddled went All-In for less (roughly $190) and it Folds around to the Button whom Calls the Raise and has me covered. The Flop comes out 6-8-2 rainbow and I go All-In for my remaining $500 or so. Button tanks until he calls Clock on himself …. and Calls. Turn is a 2 and River is a 6. Kings Holds for a triple up. Cashed out roughly $1,500



Wow, I ran Good. This was probably the most fatigued I’ve ever been due to the 11 hours of driving and the hours I put in playing Poker. Overall, it was a very profitable (+2,500/day) and hope you tune in for the next article.



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