The Downswings In Poker


In the Poker community everyone has upswings & downswings.  One minute you can be on top of the world, the next trying to get a stake.  If a fellow rounder is on a downswing and needs a loan, Poker funds sent, or needs a stake; as a fellow Rounder who’s been in the same situation, will look out for that person and help them get back on the tables.  Wouldn’t you want someone to help you? Read More

How to Play “Small Ball” Poker


What is playing “Small Ball” Poker?

The term “small ball” in Poker is used when describing a player using tactics to control the size of the pot.  Usually betting small, or just calling a player, in efforts to keep from being priced into calling an all-in bet.  Tactics of a “small ball” player include: min-raising, check-calling, and smooth calling with larger pairs or other dominant hands.  This approach is typically used in tournament play and rarely migrates to cash game, unless playing “nose bleeds” high stakes. Read More

The Stereotypes of a Poker Player


As Poker players we are stereotyped as lazy, greedy, addictive, and competitive personalities.  Thruthfully, I can’t argue with them for at least two and certainly been guilty of all four.  You may say “Who gives a sh*t about what others think?”, but in all reality image and perception is a big part of the Poker community and definitely important when you sit down at a table.  If your wondering about your table image and how you may be viewed as a player, check out Determining a Poker Players’ Style.

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Tight-Aggressive Poker vs. Loose-Aggressive Poker

Playing the Style of a Tight-Aggressive Player

As described in Determining a Poker Player Style, a tight-aggressive player tends to only enter a hand if they are willing to raise.  Position and constant pressuring while making their opponents’ decision making extremely difficult is their bread and butter.  There is more psychology with these players and they always try to mind fuck you when selling their story, even when they have nothing.  They will apply mental pressure on every card and thrive to satisfy the thought of being better than you that hand.  These players know that 9 out of 10 times when a player raises pre-flop they will follow up with a C-bet on the flop.  Tight-aggressive players tend to have a selection of hands that beat the “best flop possible” for you.  Be cautious of these players if this is not your player style, they aren’t the target for long-term win rate. Read More