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How to Play “Small Ball” Poker


What is playing “Small Ball” Poker?

The term “small ball” in Poker is used when describing a player using tactics to control the size of the pot.  Usually betting small, or just calling a player, in efforts to keep from being priced into calling an all-in bet.  Tactics of a “small ball” player include: min-raising, check-calling, and smooth calling with larger pairs or other dominant hands.  This approach is typically used in tournament play and rarely migrates to cash game, unless playing “nose bleeds” high stakes. Read More

Poker Tips



imageIt shouldn’t be a surprise that being more confident at work can mean more promotions.  Here are some Poker Tips to help with your confidence and Master your Table Image.

Dress Better:  If you’ve never taken time to assess and improve your wardrobe, you may not realize the dramatic effect it can have on your confidence level.   Read More